[the myth, the legend, the tiger]


"More old-school hard rock than punk (but no loud-rock sludge, thank you), B2P also mixes in a refreshing sense of dynamics and songcraft with its drive and grind. With songs a little bit nasty and little bit nice, Upstairs Tiger shows tons of promise." -Creative Loafing


"...Funky, sexually-fueled 13-song debut Upstairs Tiger...it's punk. It's metal. It's pop. It's good." -Flagpole Magazine

Comfort For Freaks
674 Kb
Upstairs Tiger CD
Fair Warning
716 Kb
Upstairs Tiger CD
5 Foot 1
1018 Kb
Upstairs Tiger CD
Joanie Baby
1375 Kb
Upstairs Tiger CD

(These are clips from our full-length album. To download full tracks, visit our MP3.COM page.)

Well, kids...the CDs are ready to go, with a limited amount for sale! Wanna sample the goods? If you have Morpheus or Kazaa, you can do a search for "Born to Please" and download the files there (Morpheus, aka the new and improved Napster clone, can be downloaded at MUSIC CITY.COM).

"Upstairs Tiger" is on sale for $8, plus $2 shipping and handling. If you're outside of the U.S., please e-mail us at borntoplease666@yahoo.com for special instructions.
1) For specific snail mail (post office) instructions, email borntoplease666@yahoo.com. Provide your mailing address, the amount of CDs you'd like to purchase, and we will do the rest.
2) If you'd like to use a credit card, simply go to PAYPAL and follow the instructions. The recipient's email address is clairesanti@hotmail.com, and be sure to include your mailing address and amount of purchase in your e-mail! It will be received and dispatched 24-48 hours later.
3) CDs will also be available at all future shows! So be cool and thanks for liking us, homies.

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