6.18.02...We'd like to wish ourselves a happy 2nd birthday! That's right, B2P has officially been kickin' the fresh jams for 2 years now. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know. Come join us at The Vault in Buckhead on Thursday July 11th, it's a new place and you know it'll be the shiznit if WE are there. So far, The Riot Act is the only band cool enough to wanna share the stage with us. We'll keep ya informed.
And if you're looking for some tasty grooves to bump in your ride this summer, you GOTS to get your paws on our new CD "Upstairs Tiger". It's cheap, it's packed with peanuts, and it satisfies (and lasts way longer than a frozen turd).

If you were too much of a lame-ass to see our recent shows, here's some photos and the diary to catch you up.

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