"Born to Please have risen quickly on the local scene with a sound based in straight punk, but with a refreshing sense of dynamics, rhythmic control and a prominent, springy bass that, if not quite funky, keeps the music moving forward with enthusiasm."
-Creative Loafing

"Combining bone-crushing rock power and an intelligent lyrical and melodic sense,
this is a "chick" band that rises above that often-limiting label."
-The Signal (GSU)

"NO DOUBT with balls."
-Flagpole Magazine

December, 1994: It started with ANDREW SHEARER, SANTIAGO VELASQUEZ and a pop punk band called EVERGREEN that pissed off skinheads and frat boys alike. After tearing Atlanta a new blowhole, the band split up, scattering members into the land of winds and ghosts (other members went on to form SHARKS AND MINNOWS and ASTRO GLIDE). A thousand side projects later (including Andrew breaking the law with FURIOUS GEORGE, and Santiago breaking hearts with an acoustic solo repertoire...damn wuss), our weak and weary heros (in their early twenties...the lazy bastards) joined forces once again after Andrew discovered the wonder that was (drum roll and Stone Mountain redneck laser show please...) JERI WAYNICK, a friend of a friend that kicked our collective asses with her presence. It went something like this:
"Hey Jeri would you like to be in a band sure Andrew of course I would hey maybe Santiago will play guitar for us hey maybe he will let's ask him Santiago will you play the guitar for us sure who's the singer Jeri Waynick really wow great I'm in. Let's go play Q-zar."
You figure it out.

So, now armed with the spirit of a speeding gazelle with a spear stuck in its side, our trio embarked on the holiest of missions: To find a drummer. After several sad, sad tries, the mission suddenly evolved into a more refined purpose: To find a drummer who wasn't a fat alcoholic.
Enter the man of a thousand haircuts: JUSTIN FREEBORN. A mysterious youngster from parts unknown (AKA: Marietta), Justin held the same love for fast cars, fast music, and fast land mammals (the cheetah) that the rest of the crew shared so freely with the 3rd floor of Charter Medical Center (If you can't get help at Charter...get help...somewhere).

After several spirited jam and bondage sessions at Johnny Prophet's Warehouse of Asian Delicacies, the fab four played a secret show at a club that will remain unnamed (hint: it rhymes with "Bomber Textile"). After sitting through a CREED cover band, the crew took the stage and menstruated pure rock and roll, driving the khaki clad crowd from the interior of the establishment, screaming and clawing their contact-lens-enhanced eyes out as they made a mad scramble for their 2000 Blazers. It was too late, however, and the entire audience was run over by a tour bus being driven by a heroin-fueled TOM WAITS, who had stolen BILL HICK'S body from the Smithsonian and was en route to the Atlanta Olympics, sadly 4 years late....
Now they're here. They're ready to take on anyone and anything that would dare tease them with Yellowjackets and amplifiers that actually WORK.

We invite you to follow the rest of their legacy. Just make sure to bring your mother's biggest used thong. You won't get in without it.

-Born To Please

The Band your Dog loves to fantasize about while making number 2.