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10.15.02...Hey everybody! Come see us Saturday November 2nd @ The Star Bar in Little 5 Points. We're opening for 2 luxuriously pimp bands: BOSS and Catfight! This will be the greatest show you ever saw, so make sure you don't miss it. We've been hiding away working on new songs, and you'll hear a lot of them at this show. Your world may never be the same afterwards.

So incase you were too busy watching Anna Nicole to get out to our summer shows, here's some photos and the diary so you don't pee your bed.

8.20.02...Welcome to the official website of the super-bootylicious Atlanta/Athens quartet, known in all pimp circles as B2P. In short, we are the greatest band you'll see around these parts: the #1 choice of thick girls and playas in northeast Georgia. Werd to that. Right now we're taking time off to work on songs for our next album, the follow-up to our independently released rump-shaker "Upstairs Tiger". So if you missed any of our shows this summer, sorry! Ask your mama how much we rocked. Damn skippy.

7.15.02...Two years and going strong, ya heard! We'd like to thank everybody who has supported us, particularly Nuci's Space in Athens and Lee Smith at Creative Loafing Atlanta. It's been an incredible ride so far, and we show no sign of stopping! Our next show is Saturday August 17th at Under The Couch @ GA Tech. All ages, of course. Right now we've got a whole batch of songs in the works that are way different from what we've been doing so far, and we're really liking how the tunes are coming out. Plans for a follow-up to our multi-grain successful debut CD "Upstairs Tiger" are already in the works. Till then...serve the music, and keep shakin' that ass!

6.8.02...Okay folks, listen up. We've only got one show left on our calendar, and it's Saturday June 15th @ Penumbra in Lawrenceville (w/ Ampathy & The High Strung). If you don't come see us at this show, we can't say at the moment when we'll be booked again. It's ALL AGES! Cheap admission and fun for all! For directions to Penumbra,, visit WWW.PENUMBRAPLEX.COM. This place is new, and it's a great alternative to the dark and smelly rock clubs. So come check it out (while it lasts).

Check out photos and read the diary from our most recent show.

5.26.02...We've got two ALL AGES SHOWS coming up in the next few weeks that we're very excited about. This means no smoky stinky rock clubs and alcoholic burnouts! Just the kids face-to-face with the music, the way we like it best. These shows will be Friday June 7th @ The Vineyard in Marietta (w/ Nillah & High Carbon Steel) and Saturday June 15th @ Penumbra in Lawrenceville (w/ Ampathy & The High Strung). Cheap admission and fun for all! For directions to these venues, visit ATLANTASHOWS.ORG. Also, let us remind you that there's no reason for you NOT to own our latest full-length CD "Upstairs Tiger". Everybody knows it's delicious, go get it. Trust us, you don't wanna be the last one on your block to have these jams.

5.17.02...There's no excuse not to catch B2P funky fever this summer! Come see what all the fuss is really about! Go to one of our upcoming shows, sit on the floor, and let us vibrate your ass with our pulsating sonic menstruations. Currently, we're playing Saturday May 25th @ The 9 Lives Saloon (Atlanta), Friday June 7th @ The Vineyard (Marietta), and Saturday June 15th @ Penumbra (Lawrenceville). And remember, there are people in other parts of the world who would gladly sell one of their lungs just to get a chance to see one of our live performances. So take advantage, man. Take advantage. And while you're at it, buy our new full-length album "Upstairs Tiger". It's now scientifically proven, the CD is splendidly orgazmic. So you can't lose! Check us out, G!

See photos & read the diary from our Echo Lounge show.

4.21.02...We were recently interviewed for a feature story in Creative Loafing magazine, so be sure to pick up an issue the week of May 1st to see if they were able to make heads or tails of the phenomenon that is B2P. We spent nearly three hours answering questions and taking photos, so who knows? Don't forget, we have shows coming up Thursday May 2nd @ The Echo Lounge (Atlanta), Wednesday May 15th @ The AMF (Athens), Saturday May 25th @ The 9 Lives Saloon (Atlanta), Friday June 7th @ The Vineyard (Marietta), and Saturday June 15th @ Penumbra (Lawrenceville). Be there or be square, homies. And get up off your ass and buy our album if you haven't already. It's good. Really.

4.07.02...New show dates!!! Ready? OKAY! First up will be Thursday May 2nd @ the Echo Lounge in Atlanta with Diesel Cockwrench & Ampathy. After that, we'll be doing our thing on Wednesday May 15th @ the AMF in Athens. And finally, we're headed to The Vineayrd in Marietta on Friday June 7th to rock it for the kids. And look, if you haven't heard our new album UPSTAIRS TIGER, you best be ordering it from us or picking it up at fine outlets such as CRIMINAL RECORDS and BOOK NOOK. Everyone loves it, and so will you. Later...

4.2.02...Last month's show at Nuçi's Space went incredibly well (see Andrew's Show Diary for details), so we're gonna do our best to continue booking shows in Athens. If you missed it, we feel sorry for you...but feel free to look at pictures from the show if you like. Although our next scheduled gig isn't until late May, we'll keep you posted if anything happens in the meantime. You can bet we'll be hard at work on new songs and new ways to keep the audiences laughing and pointing, so don't think we're slacking off here. And look, if you haven't heard our new album UPSTAIRS TIGER, you best be ordering it from us or picking it up at fine outlets such as CRIMINAL RECORDS and BOOK NOOK. Everyone loves it, and so will you. Later...

3.18.02...We've got a couple new show dates: Friday March 29th @ Nuçi's Space in Athens and Saturday May 25th @ 9 Lives Saloon in Atlanta. We're really excited about the upcoming Athens show because we don't get to play shows there very often, yet we rehearse at Nuçi's Space every week (find out more at Plus, we'll be opening for Jet By Day, a band that we've known for a long time. Last but not least, we wanna thank everybody who came to see us at the Masquerade on Sunday March 17th, we had a lot of fun and we loved playing for you guys (pics from this show are up in the photos section). Hopefully we'll be able to put together a super-cool CD release party there sometime soon. Till nice, buy our new album, and kick some ass.

2.18.02...We've got a show on Sunday, March 17th at The Masquerade in Atlanta, so make sure you get in touch with us about buying a ticket! This will be our first performance since December 2001, and we hope to see you all there. Remember, our new CD will be available at the show too! If you want a sneak peek at how the disc sounds, go to our music page to download some samples. "Upstairs Tiger" has 13 songs and everybody loves it so far. And we're not just saying that because we made the album. If you absolutely can't wait till the show (or don't live close enough to come see us), please send an e-mail and we'll see about getting a copy to you. Stay safe, kids. See you soon!

2.13.02...To spread some valentine cheer, we decided to post some clips from our new album on our music page. We've already sold a few copies of the CD and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So you're probably asking, "How the hell can I get my hands on this CD?". We're booking shows right now, so you'll be able to buy one off us then. But if you absolutely can't wait (or don't live close enough to come see us), please send an e-mail and we'll see if we can't hook ya up. Stay safe, kids. See you soon!

12.11.01...2001 proved to be a great year for us, and we'd like to thank each and every person who came to see our wonderful shows over the last 12 months (go to the photos section for pics from our most recent performance). We hope you had as much fun as we did, and we look forward to seeing your lovely faces in the coming year! Remember, we've got a full album that's finished, just waiting to get into your little hands. So with luck, we'll be able to share that with you as soon as possible in 2002 (read Andrew's Show Diary if you want a re-cap of what we experienced over the course of the year). We'd like to wish you safe and happy holidays, and all that crap. Be cool and we'll see you up front, homies.

12.03.01...We would like to thank each and every person who ventured out to see our "homecoming" gig at the old Somber Reptile this past Saturday, and we hope you had as much fun as we did (see tons of pics from this show in the photos section). Your last chance to see us this year (!!!) will be Thursday Dec. 6th at the 9 Lives Saloon in Little 5 Points. It's 21 and up only, but we expect every fan with a fake I.D. to be there cheering us on (just don't try to buy a beer, for christ's sake!) and letting us see your boobies. And on that note, we'd like to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays, and we look forward to releasing our full-length album sometime in the beginning of 2002. Be good, kids.

11.26.01...Saturday Dec. 1st is your last chance to catch us live in 2001 if you're under 21 years of age, so be sure and bring yo ass to the illustrious Somber Reptile on Marietta Street in Atlanta. Our rowdy friends DIESEL COCKWRENCH will be playing at 9, and we follow at 10. We plan on making this a great show, so don't miss it! We will also be playing the 9 Lives Saloon on Thurdsay Dec. 6th, which will be our last show of the year. Now for some good news about our album. The mixing is finally complete, so all we have to do is get it mastered and then figure out where the money will come from to put it out (so you can get a copy and enjoy it). More news on this as it develops. Happy holidays, G moneys.

11.12.01...We've set up an all-ages show for Saturday, Dec. 1st at the Somber Reptile in Atlanta, featuring our pals DIESEL COCKWRENCH and ROCKET NUMBER NINE. This should be a great time for everybody, so please come join us (remember, our show on Dec. 6th at the 9 Lives Saloon will be 21+, so if you're under 21 you should not miss the Somber Reptile show on Saturday Dec. 1st!). Also, pics from our Nov. 10th show @ The Earl are up on the photos page.

10.31.01...Happy Halloween indeed. We've got a new show lined up for Thursday, Dec. 6th @ The 9 Lives Saloon with AMPATHY & two other bands. THIS WILL NOT BE AN 18 AND UP SHOW, it is 21 + only. Sorry about that, we tried to get it lowered but we just don't have that kind of power...YET.

10.17.01...A few pics of us goofing off in the recording studio are up in the photos section. We'll be doing the final mixing on Nov. 4th, then we hand the album over to Morrow House to get it mastered. We're putting this thing out ourselves, but we have no money. The plan is to make some copies to sell at our shows, and cross our fingers that a record label will want to put the cd out for us. If there are no takers, we'll just post all the songs on the site (but we have to admit, having a nice shiny cd in stores would make us smile).

10.15.01...Congrats to BOSS drummer Kelly Brooker on her marriage. Her wedding was this past Saturday and it was indeed beautiful. We were invited so we got all dressed up and stuff, it was neat. I'd like to say we'll be posting some pics of us in our Sunday best, but it's not freakin likely. BOSS rocks the got-dam house, go see 'em play and tell them BORN TO PLEASE sent you. They will instruct you on the proper way to scream out their band's name.

10.10.01...We found out today that we're going to be playing at The Earl in Atlanta on Saturday November 10th. Also on the bill is DRILL TEAM, which features former members of the whoop-ass Atlanta band TWEEZER. Headlining the show will be HARLOW, the all-girl band from the VH-1 show "Bands On The Run". Andrew never missed an episode of the show, so he is very excited to be playing with someone he saw on television.

10.7.01...Spent the day at A-Room Studio in Athens mixing our album. It sounds great but we'll need to do a bit more work on the mix before it gets mastered and stuff. This seems like it's taking forever!!! We were hoping to have the album done by November 1st but no way is that happening now. Good news is, the record is awesome as hell and you guys are going to love it. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

9.18.01...The recording part of our album is finally done. We've got 14 songs in the can, all we have to do now is mix and master. Everyone did an incredible job and this thing is gonna be quack-tastic. Also, thanks to everyone who's been downloading our demo tracks on MP3.COM, we're in the top 10 most downloaded bands in Atlanta. We're not making any money off it, but who the hell cares. Somebody is listening and we're happy about that. We've gotten e-mail from people as far away as France and Italy saying they like the music, they want more. That is wild. Thanks mister internet!

8.29.01...Boredom, anxiety, anticipation, we will know you well in the coming month. We just finished our last show before hitting the studio, so it's a given we're going to have a little free time. So, as part of re-vamping our front page, we're hoping to start an archive of news so everybody can keep up with what's going on with us. Once we've got enough news to report, this page will get posted for all to see. Enjoy.

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