1.7.03...Welcome to the official website of the notorious B2P! We've been laying down the funk for over 2 years, so if you don't know the deal by now, you might wanna ask somebody. Currently we're immersed in writing new songs, and plan on recording our next full length CD in the spring. It's gonna be off the hook like Yan Can Cook!

CATCH US FRIDAY JAN. 31st @ LENNY'S IN ATLANTA! We're playing with GLORYFINGER and our pals ROCKET NUMBER NINE (kids under 21 will have to sneak in, though).

If you missed any of our 2002 shows, we feel sorry for you. We advise you to look at photos and read the diary to avoid being a total loser.

(And read more stuff in THE NEWS ARCHIVE)

Your help is urgently needed right now!

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To contact us, just e-mail borntoplease666@yahoo.com

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